The Four Steps to Clean Eyeglasses Everyone Should Follow

Most people wearing eyeglasses require them for clear vision and when your eyeglasses are dirty, and then you cannot see clearly and hence have to suffer from bad vision or blurry vision. The most problematic thing that hinders eyeglasses from delivering perfectly clear vision are the dirty eyeglasses lenses.

While as soon as you notice eyeglasses to become dirty, the most habituated response is to use the end of the shirt/dress or the handkerchief to clean them on the run. Most of the people wearing eyeglasses forget to carry the cases with them and also do not know the importance of cleaning eyeglasses with only microfiber cloths. This makes it even more important to be aware of all the right steps that one should follow for a clean and healthy pair of eyeglasses.

Step One:

There are many people out there who are least worried about their eyeglasses cleanliness and neglect their eyeglasses till the time they actually have problems seeing. Every day we wear and remove the eyeglasses multiple time, or touch them accidentally, leaving oil and dirt residues on the lenses and frame. Our hands naturally produce oil and this oil gets transferred to the frame and lens when touched.

Step Two:

Every day after wearing your glasses for 8-12 hours, give it a rest and clean them with the use of a microfiber cloth to remove dust and oil. This is also great option to help the oil and dust to be removed from the eyeglasses, but in most cases, it would be better to use a special lens cleaning solution or use a drop of light kitchen cleaning agent and use it to gently rinse the lenses. This way the stubborn oil marks would go away easily. After rinsing gently with the soap or kitchen liquid, hold the eyeglasses under running water and help clean it thoroughly.

Step Three:

The strep three is leaving the wet eyeglasses in open air, in order for the lenses to dry off naturally, and leaving them open in an airy space helps to make the process faster.

Step Four:

Finally after the lenses are dried off you can use your clean microfiber cloth to wipe them to remove any water mark and give your lenses the final cleaning to ensure that they are finally squeaky clean. But always use a light hand to clean them and to ensure that the frame is also clean you can clean them using dish washing liquid too (Unless they are metal).

So, use this simple four step method for cleaner and better eyeglasses all day long.